I have always had an interest in video games, from watching my brother play as a child, to pursuing my degree in Game Design and Development. What I don't think anyone saw coming was my decision to pivot towards Technical Art in college. I saw a gap in knowledge, and being who I am, I sought to fill it. 

Since then I've dabbled in many different sectors of technical art as I tried to decide what portion of the craft I enjoyed the most. But I soon realized that my favorite part was the learning of new techniques and strategies for making efficient rigs and systems. And now, 
I'm always invested in honing my craft.

It was the story driven games and the deep interaction of games early on that hooked me most, and now I most enjoy making games and experiences that make people feel something. 



  • precise skin weighting

  • pymel and pyqt tooling

  • pipeline development

  • mocap marker placements and capturing techniques

  • modular skeleton systems design


  • Maya

  • Max

  • Zbrush/Nomad

  • Python 2.x and 3 scripting

  • PyMel, pyQt

  • C++

  • C#