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Tools Development

I've created a few different tools now for use within Maya, and while none are publicly available for usage, I do make habit of jotting down my process as I go. 

The blog posts accessible by the top menu cover my thought process and workflow in creating some of these tools. It's helpful to look back on old tools and processes I make more and transform my approach, and thus I keep these pages as a tool for my future self.

Complex Weight Mirroring
[Highly Bone Dense Mirroring Tool]

A tool that generates pairs on the joints of a highly dense skeleton that is unable to utilize the built-in Maya skin mirroring tools for easy mirroring and precise results. 

Designed for heavy skeletons that have many overlapping joints. It efficiently seperates, pairs and mirrors weights on skeletons with over a thousand joints in only 2 seconds.

Straightforwards UI, easily callable from a drop down menu.

Mirroring over is clean and leaves no residual weight on the opposite side. 

Central joints that have no partner, mirror with themselves. 

Metadata attributes are added to joints in order for them to individually understand their partner if they're mirroring right to left, left to right etc. 

[Asset Management System]

An Asset Management System that generates a database and metadata like searchable tags and understanding of the pipeline states to make finding files in a massive project file easier and faster for everyone. (Includes a tag for Game Ready)

Right click options menu

Auto docked to the toolbar on open, fully searchable by name or metadata. Efficient retrieval of data from the SQL database.

[Naming Convention Enforcement]

A naming tool that stops the user from saving a file that is not following the specified naming conventions.

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